The deepest oil and gas well will be drilled in Asia

Sinopec, China's largest supplier of petrochemical products, has started drilling the deepest oil and natural gas well in Asia, located in East Turkistan, and is expected to reach a depth of 9,472 meters.
Since the communist Chinese authorities occupied East Turkistan, they pursued a colonial policy in order to ensure their energy requirements by transferring the natural resources of East Turkistan to the Chinese provinces. According to Chinese authorities, the project demonstrates once again that, if completed, China will remain an early adopter in deep well drilling technology.
It will be the largest oil and gas well in Asia
According to Xinhua, China's largest supplier of petrochemical products has begun the process of drilling Asia's deepest oil and gas well in East Turkistan.
The well, located on the edge of the Taklamakan desert, is expected to have a depth of 9,472 meters, according to a statement from China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) on Monday.
In Sinopec's statement, it is claimed that this value corresponds to an altitude of 620 meters higher than the height of Mount Everest.
Natural resources are being exploited in East Turkistan
East Turkistan is rich in energy resources, and since China occupied East Turkistan, it plunders the various resources of East Turkistan under different names and smuggles them to China.
After the recent energy crisis in China, the transfer of energy resources from East Turkistan to the Chinese provinces has multiplied and accelerated. East Turkistan coal reserves account for 37% of China's total coal reserves. Oil and gas reserves also make up 25% of China's total reserves. In addition, the use of wind and solar energy technology in East Turkistan is also at the forefront.
Observers stated that the Chinese Communists are carrying out a policy of systematic genocide against the people of East Turkistan. At the same time, they plunder the resources of East Turkistan, and usurp the usufruct rights from the people of East Turkistan who are the original owners. They also stated that the data issued by the Chinese regarding the resources of East Turkistan is unreliable, as the sources say that the amount of resources looted is many times more than the amount announced by China.
With the occupation, it has been looted for 73 years
China, which is the world's largest energy consumer, plunders 136 natural resources such as gold, platinum, silver, uranium and coal, as well as oil and gas from East Turkistan, which it has occupied since 1949. In addition, East Turkistan forcibly follows 40% of China's energy demand. It also meets 1/5 of the world's needs and 80% of China's needs with its high-quality cotton. The communist Chinese tyrannical regime, which forced the people of East Turkistan into slavery and left them poor despite the wealth of their lands, is facing a global boycott and various penalties at this stage.
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