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East Turkistan Press and Media Association (Istiqlal English)

East Turkistan is an important Turkic-Islamic homeland with a 1,824,418 km2 area, with over a 35 million Turkic population. These unfortunate people have been subjected to various massacres, genocide, assimilation, and oppressive policies for over 70 years by the Chinese communist regime. They are now completely isolated from the world as they face the threat of being erased from history.

The people of East Turkistan struggle for survival yet do not have the freedom to express their situation to the press due to media, broadcasting stations, and communication tools being controlled by the Chinese communist regime, solely to be used for their propaganda.

To inform about and reveal the genocide against the people of East Turkistan, and the shameless lie of the Chinese regime is essential to the survival of East Turkistan and its people. As East Turkistan Press and Media Association, we want to make our voices heard around the world and we use reliable sources, evidence, and witnesses to reveal China’s genocide crimes and shine a light on the oppression in East Turkistan as well as expose China’s fake news propaganda.


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