Visa cancellation between China and Kazakhstan.. Protests erupted

Visa cancellation between China and Kazakhstan.. Protests erupted

The people of Kazakhstan protested the conclusion of a visa waiver agreement between China and Kazakhstan.

According to information on the website of the China Industry Development Association, it was claimed that a visa waiver agreement between Kazakhstan and China will be concluded on April 29. The people of Kazakhstan protested, warning the Kazakh government that if the visa was revoked, Chinese settlers would begin to flow into Kazakhstan.

People responded to the convention

While the demonstrators expressed their discontent, they showed that they are strongly against the agreement.

The agreement's decision was first published on April 12 by the public discussion site for Kazakhstan's standard bill. The decision stipulates that citizens of Kazakhstan can go to China without a visa, and Chinese citizens can also enter Kazakhstan without a visa.

The President of Kazakhstan is going to China

According to the agreement, tourists who enter without a visa will be allowed to stay for 30 days after entering the territory of the other party, and the total duration of their stay should not exceed 90 days. The agreement is expected to be signed during Kazakh President Kasym Kumart Tokyev's scheduled visit to China on May 18.

Currently, civilians from all over Kazakhstan are openly protesting this agreement, saying that the visa waiver is a very dangerous step for Kazakhstan, and calling on President Tokayev not to conclude the agreement.

Previously, it was found in many documents that China provided false content to spread the idea that the Turkish republics in Central Asia (Turkestan), headed by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, are part of China, through social media.


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