The United States plans to prevent Chinese invasion of Taiwan

The United States plans to deploy a new medium-range land-based missile in the Asia-Pacific to prevent China from invading Taiwan.
According to the French International News on November 26, China and the United States have been accusing each other of the disputed South Sea issue. On November 25, the Chinese side said that the US guided missile destroyer entered the Paracel Islands without permission. The U.S. Navy said the U.S. warship was operating in an area with regular freedom of navigation.
According to the report, US Army Pacific Commander Charles Flynn recently said that as one of the means to prevent Chinese invasion of Taiwan, medium-range land-based missiles will be deployed in the Asia Pacific region next year.
According to the US military news website "Defense First", Charles Flynn recently told reporters at the International Security Forum in Halifax, Canada, that the weapons that the United States will deploy in the Pacific region include land-based Tomahawk cruise missiles.
He also told reporters that the United States has tested the missile and plans to deploy it in 2024, suggesting that China's rapid military development is heading in a dangerous direction.
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