The theme of the National People's Congress is "Sinicization of religion."


Chinese Premier Li Qiqiang, in his report on his work at the first session of the 14th National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China, stressed his determination, referring to the strategy of "adapting religion to Chinese socialism".

According to China's Halleck Network, the 14th National People's Congress, which began on March 5, 2023, continued until March 13, 2023, while the so-called deputies from East Turkistan to attend the conference arrived in Beijing on March 3.
Speaking on March 5, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said: "We must firmly adhere to the Party's basic religious work principles, resolutely pursue the principle of Sinicization of religion." In the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we must effectively and correctly guide the people. On adapting religion to a socialist society.

It was a war against the religion of Islam
During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the Chinese authorities implemented the most severe persecution policy since the occupation of East Turkistan. During this period, in addition to imprisoning millions of East Turkistan people in Chinese prisons and concentration camps, it declared a war on the religion of Islam, under the so-called “adapting the religion of Islam to Chinese socialism” and the so-called “feeding Xinjiang (East Turkistan) through culture.” Multifaceted repressive policies aimed at the Sinicization of the East Turkistan people were used. As a result, more than 16,000 mosques have been destroyed or misused for tourism, 8,000 of which have been destroyed. Since 2016, countless clerics, scholars, academics, artists, writers, and artisans have been imprisoned or martyred in prison due to severe torture.
Observers stated that the Chinese authorities have intensified their policy of ethnic and cultural genocide in East Turkistan through nonsense such as the so-called Sinicization of Islam and the consolidation of Chinese consciousness. And at the same time, it is trying to deceive the international community in various ways, and insists on "continuing to sinicize Islam." They also indicated that it would continue to implement its genocidal policy.

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