The people are slaves! Deserts turned into a solar power station

The people are slaves! Deserts turned into a solar power station

China is building a giant solar panel plant in the deserts near East Turkistan and transmitting the electricity it generates to the interior of China, while employing the Uyghurs as slave labourers.

In recent years, renewable energy sources have gained importance in the international arena, as countries intensively increase their investments in this field. China, which ranks first in renewable energy investments, besides exploiting the various natural resources of occupied regions such as East Turkistan and Inner Mongolia, it also transfers the electricity it produces to the inner part of China by building gigantic solar panel facilities in the deserts.

The Chinese authorities announced that the first batch of solar and wind energy projects have been connected to the grid in the regions of Inner Mongolia, Outer Mongolia and East Turkestan.

It will produce 5.78 billion kilowatt hours of energy per year

According to Chinese media, the system administration will be able to produce 1.8 billion kilowatt-hours of energy annually, which can meet the electricity demand of 1.5 million households in the Tengger desert, south of the Gobi desert, known as the largest desert in Asia (Turkistan). While the total project investments in this region amounted to $12.28 billion, the total installed capacity is 13 million kilowatts. When the solar plant is fully operational at its 3GW capacity, it will be able to produce 5.78 billion kilowatt-hours of energy annually.

The new facility, located in the Tanger desert, is currently the second largest solar power plant in the world. The world's largest active solar power plant is also located in China. On the other hand, the total renewable energy installed in China reached 1.26 billion kWh in the first quarter. 425 million kilowatt-hours are obtained from solar energy and 376 million kilowatt-hours from wind energy.

It turns out that the Uyghurs were forced into forced labour

It is known that China started renewable energy projects in the desert at the end of 2021. In the report previously based on HorizonAdvisory, a consulting firm for The New York Times, it was revealed that the people of East Turkistan were forced to work as slaves in the factories of large solar companies such as GCL -Poly, East Hope Group, Daqo New Energy, XinteEnergy, and Jinko Solar. According to the information received, it is understood that China plans to build a giant 100-gigawatt solar and wind power plant in arid regions covering a total of 19 provinces. This means that millions of residents of East Turkistan will be forced to work under the guise of what is called "employment" in the respective facilities.

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