The Ministry of Education issued a notice as the new virus spreads in China

At a time when respiratory illness is spreading rapidly in China, the Chinese Ministry of Education has issued a notice asking teachers and students with symptoms such as fever and cough not to come to class.
On December 6, the Chinese Ministry of Education issued a "notice on epidemic disease prevention and control in schools in winter," urging local education departments and schools to prevent and control infectious diseases in winter and not to attend classes during illness.
Although the announcement did not mention that the decision was related to the newly spread pneumonia virus, the news said that many places in China have entered the stage of recurrence of respiratory epidemics.
Since mid-October this year, Chinese health officials have detected a series of respiratory diseases, and many children in northern China have been detected infected, but the disease has not been clearly diagnosed. On November 22, the World Health Organization asked China to provide detailed information on the disease and the number of cases of pneumonia in children.
The epidemic also spread from China to India, Denmark and the Netherlands, and the mysterious virus was reported to be the pneumonia virus, the main symptoms of which were a sore throat, fatigue and persistent cough.

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