The 15th East Turkistan International Brotherhood Meeting and the 6th East Turkistan National Unity Council will take place in Istanbul

In East Turkistan, which is under occupation, taking into consideration the ongoing genocide and assimilation policies as well as China's increasingly global influence and expansionist policies posing a threat to the world, the 15th East Turkistan International Brotherhood Meeting and the 6th East Turkistan National Unity Council are being organized to analyze and develop concrete steps in the East Turkistan Liberation Struggle. These events will take place in Istanbul from September 22nd to 25th, with the participation of distinguished individuals from various countries (approximately 20 countries), including leaders of the East Turkistan diaspora, prominent opinion leaders, leaders of NGOs, academics, and scholars, as well as local and international political figures, foreign diplomats, and representatives of organizations, journalists, religious scholars, and parliamentarians from different countries.
Throughout history, China's intention to eradicate East Turkistan has never changed, just as the unwavering and indomitable spirit inherited from their ancestors has never changed among the people of East Turkistan. In these lands, which are rich in resources and have significant geographical and strategic importance, the Turks have established glorious kingdoms and turned this place into one of the world's centers for science, culture, and civilization. They regarded these lands as a great blessing and trust from Allah.
Since the invasion, Chinese atrocities have bloodily and mercilessly killed countless leaders and scholars who fought for the cause of East Turkistan. Thus, they believed that they could enslave the Uyghurs who owned these cherished lands forever.
Just as Ali Izzet Begovic once said, "They buried us in the ground, but they did not know we were seeds."
Yes! Despite everything, the people of East Turkistan struggle to protect their faith, culture, civilization, and material and spiritual values. They do not stop fighting for freedom for even a minute with their lives in East Turkistan and abroad, with changing international conditions and their passion for independence without feeling bored and tired of sacrifice, in order to find a way out of the foreign policies of countries on the issue of East Turkistan.
The Ma'arif family, founded in 2006, actively engages in various fields. However, in order to promote brotherhood, solidarity, and cooperation, they organized the first "International Uyghur Brotherhood Meeting" in July 2009.
But on that day alone, the news of the "Ürümqi Massacre" turned everything upside down. The Uyghur Brotherhood Meeting transformed into protests against China, and Uyghur diaspora members displayed their responses to Chinese brutality in some of the most violent ways possible.
By the year 2017, the organizations led by the East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association had established the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations in East Turkistan, based on mutual cooperation in various fields such as politics, media, education, human rights, and social assistance.
By bridging gaps in various areas, such as women's branch services, they began to conduct more effective and comprehensive studies in several countries, especially in Turkey.
In 2018, the first "East Turkistan National Unity Council" was established with the Uyghur Brotherhood Meeting and continues to evolve and expand each year without interruption.
This year marks the fifteenth "International East Turkistan Brotherhood Meeting" and the sixth "National Unity Council of East Turkistan Assembly," which is an important international forum for the East Turkistan issue. It brings together numerous experts, academics, leaders of non-governmental organizations, and opinion leaders.
China's unprecedented cruelty, its increasingly brutal fascist policies, which become more savage with each day, and its oppressive actions, which negatively impact the entire world, are harbingers of imminent threats.
Indeed, despite the various challenges facing the East Turkistan issue, the evolving global landscape presents different opportunities, which require financial and spiritual preparedness to transition towards statehood.
Indeed, the "International East Turkistan Brotherhood Meeting" and the "National Unity Council of East Turkistan," both continuing for this purpose and goal, will be effective in achieving more efficient and beneficial results as an international forum. They will profoundly impact China by revealing the future direction of the struggle for independence, strategic plans, and important collaborations.
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