Six Chinese spies were arrested in Istanbul

Six people who provided information about Uyghurs to Chinese intelligence agencies were arrested in Istanbul.
According to the news of the Turkish International News Network today, six people who collected information about East Turkistan organizations and sent them to Chinese intelligence officers were arrested in Istanbul at the same time.
According to the information provided by the Turkish Intelligence Organization (MİT), the seven people met with Chinese intelligence officers and gathered information about East Turkistan people living in Turkey, East Turkistan associations and organizations operating in Turkey during the investigation carried out by the Istanbul General Prosecutor's Office.
It has been revealed that the Turkish Procuratorate has issued arrest warrants for seven people who were found to have sent information and documents collected about Uyghurs to Chinese intelligence officials. Six of the seven people were arrested in the same arrest operation in Istanbul this morning, and the search for the other person is still ongoing.
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