Puppet Governor Erkin Tuniyaz went to Hungary

A delegation headed by the Chinese puppet Erkin Tuniyaz, the governor of the so-called “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region” in East Turkistan, tried to hide the genocide by visiting Hungary.
During the visit, Puppet governor Tuniyaz tried to deceive the Hungarian people about East Turkistan, which is on the international agenda and has been strongly criticized by the public, and is facing various global sanctions.
On September 4–6, a delegation headed by Chinese puppet Erkin Tuniyaz, the governor of the so-called “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region” in East Turkistan, paid a visit to Hungary, according to the Chinese Propaganda agency People's Network.
Puppet governor Tuniyaz met there with senior officials such as Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Lezak Sandor and Vice Chairman of the ruling party Young Democrats Dunay Monika, Minister of Economic Development Naji Marton, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Magyar Levente, and Minister responsible for security policy and energy security affairs Andrash Staloy.
During the visit, puppet governor Tuniyaz tried to hype up the Hungarian authorities with brags that people of all nationalities live happily together in East Turkistan, ethnic unity is preserved under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party, religious harmony has begun to be achieved in the socialist society claimed by CCP Leader Xi Jinping, people's lives have improved, and industrial developments are at their peak.
In addition, East Turkistan's unique regional and industrial advantages, natural wealth and platform advantage, persistently repeated stereotypical deceptive rhetoric, suggesting that it has become a “tourist attraction center”.
During the visit, the Free World, the Association of Hungarian Entrepreneurs and Recruiters, the Hungarian Branch of the Bank of China, etc., and Chinese businessmen, companies, and financial institutions brought by the puppet governor, who also met with the authorities, signed a cooperation agreement in several areas with the “China-Europe Trade and Logistics Park”.
Observers pointed out that puppet governor Erkin Tuniyaz, whose name appeared on the United States' sanctions list as a perpetrator of genocide, had to cancel his planned visit to the United Kingdom in February of this year due to the backlash. They recalled that China's regime organized this visit to hide and deceive Hungarian society regarding the systematic genocide still ongoing in East Turkistan. It was noted that this was the reason why Uyghur puppet leader Tuniyaz was sent, and China's main goal was to show its concern for Uyghurs under genocide. While Tuniyaz defended China in Hungary, he noted that arbitrary arrests, sexual violence, concentration camps, and unimaginable persecution and torture against the people in East Turkistan continue.

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