Press release on the occasion of the fourteenth anniversary of the Urumqi massacre of July 5, 2009

Dear journalists:

Today we are holding this press conference in order to expose the genocide that continues in occupied East Turkistan, and to commemorate the Urumqi massacre that occurred on the fifth of July 2009, in which thousands of innocent turkistanis were martyred, and thousands of others disappeared as a result of the brutal and repressive methods of violence by communist China to suppress peaceful protests.

Fourteen years ago, 819 East Turkistan youth were forcibly transferred away from their families and homeland to be exploited as forced labor slaves, where they were forced to work in a factory in Shaoguan, Guangdong province by the Chinese authorities. As a result of China's policies full of racism and extremism, these young people were harassed and bullied inside the factory. Uyghur girls have also been subjected to rapes, which is considered a red line for the people of East Turkistan.

Because the occupation police ignored them, the people of East Turkistan wanted to protect their rights and honor, but they were attacked by Chinese rapists on the night of June 26, killing dozens of Uyghur youth and injuring more than a hundred people. All these facts happened, but the Chinese police did not interfere, but arrested all the Uyghur workers.

Following the June 26 Shaoguan attack, the people of East Turkistan held peaceful protests on the fifth of July 2009 in Urumqi, demanding justice and objecting to occupied China, which did not take any legal action over the incident, but instead imposed a policy of covering up, and preventing the publication of facts. So the troops of communist China suppressed the peaceful protests of the people for justice using brutal violence. communist China also took advantage of media censorship and defamatory propaganda about both incidents.

During the massacre of June 26 and July 5, Communist China systematically fomented and spread propaganda, lied, distributed weapons on Chinese settlers and applied repression only against Uyghurs, which ultimately led to the martyrdom of thousands and the arrest of tens of thousands of East Turkistan people. Communist China, the state of terror, consolidating its legitimacy through violence, repression, disregard for justice, human dignity and looting, suppressed the East Turkistan people's seeking for rights in the most bloody way possible.

The Chinese authorities, who do not respect any of the basic human rights, do not punish the perpetrators and use excessive force against civilians, and are the cause of the bloody massacre in which they used violence and repression against peaceful popular protests in the Urumqi massacre, which in fact was a violation of human values and international human rights standards. The Urumqi massacre on the fifth of July, is one of the most striking examples of the policies of repression, assimilation, censorship and genocide committed by communist China against the people of East Turkistan since 74 years of occupation.

The then prime minister and the current president of the Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan has strongly condemned this massacre committed by China in Urumqi, calling it a genocide. However, after thousands were martyred in the massacre, the international community and states did not react sufficiently to China, whose human rights violations and massacres have increased significantly over the past 14 years.

After 2014, the policy of repression in it turned into a policy of genocide, as recognized and approved by many states and international organizations, and thousands of concentration camps similar to the camps of the Nazi regime were built, in various parts of East Turkistan. Millions of people are detained in these camps under the pretext of terrorism and extremism. These Nazi camps are a systematic application of genocide, aimed at assimilation and Prohibition of the free practice of religion, language, culture and all human rights of the people of East Turkestan, including forced labor, gang rape, theft of bodily organs, torture, drug experimentation, humiliation and extrajudicial executions. According to recently leaked documents, all categories of people, ranging from 10-year-old children to 90-year-old elderly people have been detained in these camps.

East Turkistan youth are forced into forced labor in East Turkistan and in the inland provinces of China, and are subjected to the same attacks as the Shaoguan incident of June 26, 2009 on a daily basis. More than 500,000 children from East Turkistan are also accommodated in children's camps, while the native language and Islamic symbols are banned in schools, government offices, all  houses, which makes it impossible and even criminalizes to be a Muslim in East Turkistan. Since Islam was banned in East Turkistan, more than 10,000 mosques were demolished or used for other nefarious purposes. The anti-Islamic Chinese authorities have banned the people of East Turkistan from being a Muslim, however they have made all activiti

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