Our Ongoing Wound in East Turkistan

The Chinese Consul General in Istanbul, Cui Wei, defended the establishment of genocide concentration camps in East Turkistan, calling them humanitarian efforts and made unreserved comments about Uyghur Turks brothers in our land.

In an extremely reckless statement, Cui Wei insidiously suggested our failure to stand firmly with our oppressed brothers in East Turkistan for their rightful cause, leaving them isolated for years. He said, '...their brains became sick. We treat them voluntarily in the schools we establish...'"

What an inhumane approach, Mr. Cui Wei, rooted in a bankrupt mindset and a corrupted perspective. Are you aware of the gravity of your actions? You've gone beyond occupying the lands of those you claim are 'sick'—now attempting to erase their language, religion, culture, and identity. How does this align with any notion of humanity, conscience, or mercy? You present these crimes to the global community under the guise of humanitarianism. Is it humane to forcibly relocate people to camps, dubbing them 'vocational training' centers? This constitutes a cold-hearted genocide. Your efforts to disguise these atrocities, insisting the world accept your 'treatment' as legitimate, while attempting to erase the religious and cultural heritage of our brothers, amounts to a manipulative perception operation. You're mocking the intelligence of the global community by twisting reality.

Let me ask you, Mr. Cui Wei?

I believe it would be prudent for you to seek treatment first, as the depth of inhumane practices, atrocities, exiles, and human rights violations committed in East Turkistan likely surpasses the analytical capabilities of even the most esteemed mental and spiritual health experts globally. Such actions, which dehumanize others and exhibit profound intolerance, are unparalleled in human society. It might be more appropriate for experts in behavioral abnormalities to examine these actions. Therefore, referring this matter to them could be beneficial, allowing for an analysis of a mindset that, arguably, has become dangerously aberrant.

It is particularly disheartening to see our Uyghur Turk brothers, who strive to preserve their religious and national identities in their ancestral land—a land now marred by extensive use of genocidal tactics—being labeled as 'sick-minded' by you.

Mr. Consul, I pose to you a direct question:

Who truly bears a 'sick mind'—the noble individuals striving to preserve their identity, religion, and national culture amidst severe oppression and marginalization in their occupied homeland, resisting subjugation without surrender? Or is it those who have invaded their birthlands, alienated them, and designated them as adversaries, perpetrating terror and justifying all manners of oppression without remorse?

Are the architects of concentration camps in East Turkistan, who have detained millions of Muslim Turks, shackling them, subjecting them to inhumane treatment, and stripping them of their rights, the ones afflicted? Or is it the indomitable spirits who, despite risking their lives and property, continue their resistance against such brutalities?

Mr. Consul, I raise the following questions to provoke thought and reflection on the practices currently being employed:

Is it not inhumane to undermine the privacy and sacred values of a nation through the 'Sister Family' practice, which infringes upon their dignity by forcing unwelcome marriages upon their daughters, thereby dishonoring a nation's desire to progress in harmony with its historical and cultural values? Who truly suffers from a misguided mindset—the oppressors enforcing such violations or the individuals shedding tears of resistance against this cruelty?

Does the outdated mentality that disrupts the sanctity of family by forcibly separating hundreds of thousands of innocent children from their loved ones, in an attempt to erode familial bonds and obstruct any form of communication with their relatives, not exhibit a profound misunderstanding of human rights and decency? Who is truly afflicted—the ones imposing such separations or those courageously standing against them, striving to preserve their voices and dignity?

And what of those who, in plain view of the international community, strip a proud nation of its freedom, rights, and justice, reducing its people to mere instruments of labor for economic gain? Is it not a reflection of a deeply flawed perspective, or are those who, in the face of such exploitation, assert their right to freedom, humanity, and dignity?

These inquiries serve to shed light on the breadth and depth of the issues at hand, Mr. Consul.

I am presently satisfied, as it has become evident who stands where regarding the situation in East Turkestan. It appears attempts are being made to cloud the reality of events and sway global opinion with perception management strategies. Yet, truth cannot be obscured so easily.

I urge the abandonment of such deceptive practices in favor of allowing independent international delegations, including those from our country, to conduct unfettered investigations into the human rights abuses in East Turkestan. Real transparency involves more than guiding selected delegations through curated experiences; it requires exposing the unvarnished truth.

Transparency, truthfulness, and a commitment to humanity should be paramount.

Let me now address a point of significant relevance to you. The "One Belt, One Road" initiative, which you have long envisioned, heavily relies on routes through Turkic and Muslim nations. The ongoing genocide and suppression of Muslim Turks in East Turkistan, the desecration of their religious and cultural heritage, and the violation of their privacy under so-called brotherly policies, raise serious questions about the feasibility of this dream. Given that East Turkistan is our ancestral homeland and its people our kin, how do you anticipate fostering healthy commercial relationships and achieving success while oppressing our brethren?


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