Organizing tours for diplomats in Kashgar

The Communist Chinese authorities organized a sightseeing tour of East Turkistan by organizing foreign consular officials. On the other hand, photos of pro-Chinese Uyghurs from Turkey in Kashgar sparked opposition reactions.

The Chinese authorities organized a sightseeing tour in East Turkistan by organizing foreign consular officers in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities in order to hide the systematic genocide in East Turkistan from the international community.

According to the Chinese People's Propaganda Network, the Beijing administration sent diplomats from 14 countries such as Brazil, Cuba, Nepal, Iran, Vietnam, Cambodia, Senegal, Ecuador, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Uganda, Pakistan and Turkey to Kashgar on April 24. China is trying to deceive the international community by taking them to eat, drink and walk around.

The Communist Party who took foreign diplomats on a tour to learn about the newly built artificial culture in the ancient homeland of the Turks in Kashgar, the heritage Kashgar, the world restoration monument, the Idkah Mosque and the so-called "national music village". The Communist Party has tried to hide the systematic genocide with false claims about preserving the culture of the people of East Turkistan.

Visit to Kashgar

On the other hand, Sabir Bogda, who is known for his closeness to China in Turkey, continues his tour which was organized in Beijing on April 22 and in Kashgar on April 24, which was organized by the Consulate General of China in Ankara for a delegation of 20 people. Pictures of Sabir Bogda, who was excluded by East Turkistan immigrants, and Muhammad Niyaz, who lives in Istanbul, and other people, which were taken in Kashgar Thread Market, IdKah Mosque and other areas, were found. The Uyghurs opposed the behavior of the conscripts who were complicit in the persecution during the genocidal policy in their homeland, as if there was no persecution, and strongly condemned them.

Observers say that China has always prevented the international community from investigating East Turkistan independently, and in order to deal with pressure and accusations on this issue, by taking specially selected foreigners to tour pre-prepared areas and using these visits for propaganda purposes, they have already condemned its persecution in East Turkistan , and they said it never stopped.


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