New sanctions from Germany on China

It turns out that Germany is in talks to limit the export of chemicals used in the production of chips to China.

Bloomberg News, citing sources close to the matter, reported that the aforementioned restriction move is part of a package of measures the German government is discussing to limit China's access to goods and services essential to the production of advanced semiconductors.

It was noted in the news that if the aforementioned German move is implemented, German chemical companies such as Merck and BASF may limit the sale of some semiconductor chemicals to China.

Germany must not lose its leadership in technology

On the other hand, German Minister of Economics and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck, stated that Germany is evaluating export restrictions to China in the field of technology.

Habeck stressed that Germany should not lose its leadership in the field of technology, explaining that Germany considers the imposition of restrictions on exports to China "similar to the US restrictions on exports of chips to Beijing."

German public opinion also debates its economic dependence on China, as China has been Germany's largest trading partner for the past seven years.


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