Japan, Tibet, Uyghur, and Southern Mongolia Conduct Seminar Condemning China’s Infamous Religious Order No. 19

Save Tibet Network and Tibet House Japan organised a seminar on China’s Religious Order No.19 issued on September 1 at Shinjuku Historical Museum today in Tokyo. The panellist comprising Japanese Parliamentarian Mitusbayashi Hiromi, Dr. Miyawaki Junko, Vice Chairman of Super Sangha Rev. Kobayashi Shuei, and Dr. Govrud Archa, Secretary General of the Southern Mongolia Congress, Sawut Mohamed of Japan Uyghur Association, and Dr. Arya Tsewang Gyalpo of the Liaison Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama spoke on the dreadful nature of this order.
The participants appraised the religious order issued by the CCP regime to achieve total control over the religious activities in China and its occupied territories. He also spoke on China’s patriotic education policy designed to force and indoctrinate children with Chinese communist ideology and false propaganda. He said this religious order is the height of what a dictatorship regime would do to rob the people of freedom to think and practice their religions.
Lawmaker Mitsubayashi Hiromi talked about his experience working in East Turkistan and expressed joy that Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Southern Mongolians have come together to discuss this CCP’s notorious policy to control the heart and mind of Chinese people and the people of the occupied regions. He said as General Secretary of the Japan Parliamentarian group to monitor China’s human rights violations and Uyghur Parliamentarian support group he will make sure that this heinous policy is condemned by the Japanese parliamentarians.
Dr. Govrud Archa and Sawut Muhammad of the Southern Mongolia Kuriltai and the Japan Uyghur Association spoke on the CCP’s religious atrocities and indoctrination happening in their respective homelands and how this new cruel policy will greatly affect people’s lives and religious freedom.
Rev. Kobayashi Shuei of the Super Sangha, an association of Japanese monks and laypersons supporting Tibetan issues, talked about the important concept of reincarnation how Tibetan Buddhism still has this concept at its core, and how China, an atheist nation, is meddling in this sacred religious domain. Dr. Miyawaki Junko, a Mongolian and Chinese historian, talked about the historical aspect of what China is and how the CCP is trying to lay claim over the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty and Manchu Qing Dynasty.
Representative Dr. Arya Tsewang Gyalpo of the Liaison Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama thanked the speakers, guests, participants, and the media for their participation in the seminar. He informed the participants that China has been violating religious freedom in China and other occupied territories through various dubious ways, but with this infamous religious order no. 19 China is trying to legitimize religious interference and force communist ideology in religious teachings of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Taoism.
After the question and answer session, Mr. Makino Seishu wrapped up the event and summarised the proceedings. The resolution of the seminar was declared as follows: “We have learned from the seminar that the Chinese religious order no.19 is not only dreadful and harmful for religious practitioners in China and China-occupied regions but also to the whole international community. Therefore, the organisers and participants of this seminar condemn China’s religious order no.19 and urge the Chinese leadership to withdraw this blasphemous order immediately. We request the Japanese public, and Temples, churches, mosques, and other religious houses around the world to protest this CCP’s attempt to defile religious teaching with the CCP’s ideology. We further urge the Chinese government to stop interfering in people’s religious matters.
Anri Kitazawa of the Save Tibet Network moderated the event. The Representative Committee of the Minority Nationals supported the event and arranged a live broadcast of the seminar through their FaceBook. The event was free but some offered donations to defray the expenses.

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