Idris Hassan's appeal to Amnesty International

At the request of China, it is necessary to prevent the Uyghur Turk Idris Hassan, detained at the Moroccan repatriation center in Tifrit, from being sent to China. Amnesty International called in this case.

While the persecution of the people of East Turkistan by Chinese troops continues unabated, it is a fact that some Uyghur Turks living outside East Turkistan face a great danger. This is also an attempt by some countries to return Uyghur asylum seekers to China.

One of them is Idris Hassan, a Uyghur Turk who left for Morocco on a tourist visa on July 19, detained at the Moroccan repatriation center in Tifrit at the request of China. All NGOs and human rights activists are expected to take action as soon as possible for Idris Hassan, who is worried that he will face a similar situation to millions of Uyghur Turks.

Amnesty International called for the release of Idris Hassan on 20 July in order to save Idris Hassan, who is worried for his life if extradited to China.

Amnesty International's regional officer for the Middle East and North Africa made a statement on the social media account # it's been two years since Idriss Hassan, a citizen of Xinjiang (East Turkistan) of Uyghur origin, was arrested in Morocco. He faces the risk of being extradited to China, where it is believed that he could be tortured or even executed. Therefore, we urge the Moroccan authorities to cancel the possible extradition proceedings."Their data was included.

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