Harsh persecution in East Turkistan continues

Although China has been trying to project an image of normalization in East Turkistan to the international community, the severe persecution and kidnapping crimes in East Turkistan continue to unfold.
A few days ago, a video that went viral on social media revealed that China's genocide in East Turkistan is still being carried out by a strict surveillance system.
The video was broadcast from Keria County, Hotan Province. In the video, it is known that China has set up a large number of so-called "security stations" in various parts of East Turkistan and is continuing to oppress the people of East Turkistan. The video was shared by a Chinese traveling to Kerala, where the tourist expressed his happiness by pointing out the so-called "people-friendly" police stations set up by the Chinese side of the road, saying, "How good the security is in Xinjiang." The Chinese said that in addition to the police stations along the road, there were police reporting points every 20-25 meters, and special police officers were on duty with the Broneviks, promoting other Chinese to move to East Turkistan peacefully.
China has been persecuting the people of East Turkistan for years, carrying out mass abductions, detention camps, and prisons, and committing genocide. In December 2021, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that since 2016, China has strengthened security and surveillance measures against the people of East Turkistan. Under the influence of this repressive policy, thousands of security cameras and police stations have been installed in various regions of East Turkistan. It was said that it strictly monitored the people with the means of collecting information through the installed biological identification device.
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