European Union: Relations with China will not develop if Russia does not withdraw from Ukraine

The EU leaders said: "Unless China convinces Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine, it is impossible for the EU to develop normal relations with China."

According to Radio France International, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang made assessments on China-Europe relations at the joint press conference after meeting with his counterpart Anken Huitfeldt during his visit to Norway.

Qin Gang expressed that China and Europe are two great civilizations, two great powers, and two markets with global influence, and expressed the desire to develop communication, coordinated cooperation and mutual benefit with European countries.

Stressing the need to maintain world order after World War II and avoid trends such as the Cold War that will set the world back, Qin Gang said, "Peaceful development, equality and justice are what the international community needs most, and we should focus on progress rather than going back to the past." China and Europe should respect and support the progress of various countries on the path of development chosen by their people."

China must convince Russia

On Saturday, May 13, the EU foreign ministers held a session on relations with allies within the framework of the Indo-Pacific countries that will be launched in 2021. It is worth noting that the main topic of the EU foreign ministers' meeting is the EU's stance towards China and the improvement of these relations.

Among the main topics is the problem of reducing economic dependence on China towards a more advanced vision of economic policy with China, as well as the conditions that will encourage China to act more harshly and put pressure on Moscow over Ukraine.

As a result, the EU leaders emphasized that they had concluded that "it is impossible for the EU to develop normal relations with China unless China uses its influence to force Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine."


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