Each spy who collected information about Uyghurs was sentenced to 72 years in prison

Accused of gathering information about foreign Uyghurs, a lawsuit was filed against seven Chinese spies who were arrested in February this year. Each spy was asked to be sentenced to 72 years in prison.
Yeni Şafak newspaper reported on June 8 that seven Chinese spies who were arrested in February of this year for gathering information about East Turkistan public figures, organization leaders, and non-governmental organizations operating in Turkey have been sued. According to the information in the indictment, 933 Uyghurs' identity information was found on the mobile phone of Ilyas, who communicated with Chinese intelligence officers through audio, signal and telegram.
The indictment, prepared by the Istanbul General Prosecutor's Office's Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Bureau, revealed striking details. According to the indictment, Chinese spy Sadiq Mamataziz met with Deputy Magistrate Li (name changed) of Qayiq County, a spy for the Chinese Ministry of Security. Since the early 2000s, Sadiq Mataziz has met with former Chinese Ministry of Public Security officer Mutuullah (name changed) and Chinese Ministry of Public Security officer Alijan (name changed) by phone and in person. In February 2023, Sadiq Mamataziz, who traveled to Hong Kong, went from there to Qayyaq County in East Turkistan and met with the two spies. He then met Ulimajan again in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He returned to Turkey in August 2023.
One of the arrested Chinese spies, Habibullah Urumqi, was found to have stayed in a hotel in Bursa Osmangaz with the former vice consul of the Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul, Zhong Shugang, in the last days of 2023. The indictment also states that Chinese intelligence agents attempted to contact Habibulla Urumqi under the guise of Chinese police, and that Habibulla Urumqi also received money from Sadiq Mamataziz.
During the inspection of Habibulla Urumqi's cell phone, prosecutors found that there was personal information such as ID and passport belonging to Uyghurs, as well as photos of many meetings and activities of Uyghurs. The indictment alleges that Habibulla shared documents and information on Urumqi's cellphone, including receipts for a large number of purchases, with Chinese intelligence officials in exchange for money.
As a result of the investigation, the spies found that there were 933 Uyghur identity information on Ilyas' mobile phone, and that Chinese intelligence officials communicated with Ilyas through applications such as Voicemail, Signal, and Telegram.
It was determined that one of the spies, Abdulla Nasir, traveled to Bursa with Zhong Shougang, the former deputy consul of China's Consulate General in Istanbul. According to the fact that Zhong Shougang hosted him when he went to China, there was intelligence sharing between the two people.
According to the prosecutor's investigation, each criminal suspect accused of espionage is sentenced to over 30 years in prison, and 42 years in prison for the crime of illegally collecting and distributing personal information, which means that each spy is sentenced to 72 years in prison. Prepared by: Abdurkhaber Rezep

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