Chinese cameras to monitor Uyghurs.. Israel uses them to monitor Palestinians

It has been revealed that Israel is monitoring Palestinians with cameras from Hiking, which China uses to monitor Uyghurs.
It is noteworthy that the camera system that Israel installed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem was produced by the Chinese company "Hiking". According to residents of the Silwan neighborhood in Jerusalem, the Israeli police installed cameras in all the streets, and reported that they could see inside some homes, making people not dare to take off their clothes in their homes.
Damascus Gate is considered the main entrance to Jerusalem and the only gathering point for Palestinians, and it is one of the most monitored points in the city, according to Amnesty International’s report “Automated Apartheid.” According to reports, the Israeli police will make a decision to conduct a strict inspection of every Palestinian who passes through the crossing, and the manufacturer of this monitoring system is the Chinese company Haikang.
Chinese company Hiking, the world's largest camera systems manufacturer, has been blacklisted by the US and UK for supplying equipment to the Chinese regime for national security purposes and genocide operations against the Uyghurs in East Turkistan.
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