China is trying to loot valuable historical artifacts from the Uyghurs

China bans and destroys everything related to Uyghur culture and also attempts to destroy valuable historical artifacts.
On November 13, Zumrat Daoud, a Uyghur concentration camp survivor, shared a video on Facebook showing China purchasing historical coins. The announcement stated that 10 coins will be purchased at the highest price, from two million to one million. Among these coins, there are some that are considered historical evidence of the East Turkistan Republic. One of them is a coin issued by the East Turkistan Islamic Republic, which was founded on November 12, 1933. On one side of this coin is written “East Turkistan Islamic Republic, (1) Minted 1352 Years” (i.e. (East Turkistan Islamic Republic, printing 1352 AD). It is written on the other side of the coin: “Dharb Kashgar” (printed in Kashgar).
For many years, China detained the East Turkistan people in concentration camps and prisons and banned all books related to Islamic beliefs and culture. In the process, it killed and persecuted many scholars, academics and volunteers. China, which is destroying the spiritual wealth of the Uyghur people, is now moving to collect and destroy coins that are considered physical evidence of East Turkistan's independence.

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