China is tightening internet control policies

Chinese authorities have intensified strict Internet censorship policies, seeking to unify people's minds rather than select media.
Voice of America reported on April 4 that China's annual online media forum was held last weekend in Kunming, Yunnan province. The meeting discussed how the media should follow online trends, use new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and tell "Chinese stories."
The 2024 Online Media Forum was also held in Kunming, Yunnan, from March 30 to 31. According to China's Xinhua News Agency, the forum was jointly organized by the China Internet Information Administration, Xinhua News Agency and Yunnan authorities. It was attended by representatives of online companies.
During this process, so-called active energy content sharing sessions and activities were held on the theme of "Following the trend in the Internet world." The forum proposes distributing and expanding content that improves China's image through artificial intelligence.
Analysts say the Chinese regime's central media can quickly produce useful or false information and distribute it on various platforms to undermine public opinion. To consolidate its authoritarian regime, the Chinese regime used two additional means of control: media censorship, manipulation of public opinion, and consolidation of governance.

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