China has stepped up intelligence operations against Taiwan

China has stepped up intelligence operations against Taiwan, and ten retired or active Taiwanese soldiers have been accused of spying for the Chinese Communist regime.
According to Voice of America news today, the ten military personnel were accused of spying for the Chinese Communist regime on November 27. Two of them confessed in a video that they were loyal to the Chinese army and wanted to surrender to China. This situation caused a great uproar, and the Supreme Procuratorate of Taiwan requested that the court should severely punish these spies.
According to the report, Taiwan's Supreme Procuratorate concluded its investigation on Monday regarding espionage cases involving the Taiwan Army's Chemical and Biological Training Center, the Army's Huadong Defense Command, the 601st Brigade of the Army's Air Special Warfare Command and other military units. After several months of investigation, ten military personnel were charged under the "National Security Law, State Secrets Protection Law and Anti-Corruption Law".
Taiwan's High Procuratorate released a statement revealing that three of the defendants were charged with gathering military information and establishing a network for the Chinese Communist Party, four spies were charged with using their positions to obtain classified military documents, and selling a number of military secrets to the Chinese Communist Party.

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