China has imposed a requirement for audio and visual devices on cars

The Chinese regime has issued a special notice to further increase surveillance and control, particularly in relation to automobiles. The notice includes regulations aimed at strengthening the management of visual and auditory equipment installed in vehicles.
According to a report on Beijing News Network on September 15, as reported by the China National Radio and Television Administration, three institutions, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Market Supervision Bureau, have recently issued notifications that concern all car owners. The notifications request the standardization of the management of wireless radio receiver terminals installed in automobiles. It states that all cars produced and sold in China, as well as imported cars, should be equipped with wireless radio receiver models and controlled by central authorities.
Furthermore, the notice calls for radio and television stations at all levels and broadcast media centers to conduct media broadcasting activities in harmony with central governance, enhance promotion and influence, and focus on central ideology, including Chinese modernization, socialist core values, and more.
It It encourages them to closely follow the integration into mainstream media, produce high-quality audio-visual content that meets the requirements, and strongly reflect the voice of central authorities. The regulation emphasizes that departments responsible for radio, television, industry, and information technology should strengthen the monitoring and management of online audio-visual products installed in vehicles. It highlights that only qualified online audio-visual software can be installed in vehicle systems, and illegal use independent of central governance is prohibited.
Furthermore, strict intervention is planned to detect illegal programs and prevent illegal naming at all levels of radio stations. The necessity of preventing the spread of content harmful to the central government's ideologies and cleansing illegal online audio-visual service applications is emphasized, along with the promotion of China's official radio and television programs.
Observers note that the Chinese regime has been forcing people to listen to their propaganda even while driving, and these practices have long been active in East Turkistan in various forms. Moreover, it has been substantiated by visual evidence provided by journalists and human rights advocates who have previously visited the region. It is mentioned that these practices have only recently been included in regulations, revealing the occupier's intention to legitimize the crime of genocide and continue its oppression.

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