China has drilled a super-deep well in East Turkistan

China has been continuously looting the natural resources of East Turkistan, and recently, it has increased various experiments. This time, China drilled a 9,432-meter-deep oil and gas well in the Tarim Basin.
According to a Chinese propaganda agency in East Turkistan, Tianyatag Network, on November 16, the Yujin 3-3XC well of China Petrochemical Industry Group's "Shendi No. 1" was officially tested by fire, and it is located outside the red line of the Tarim Basin and Wetland Nature Reserve. The Chinese regime boasts that the 9,432-meter-deep oil and natural gas well is the deepest in Asia, breaking two records: horizontal displacement and inclined depth.
It is reported that the well can produce 200 tons of crude oil and 50,000 cubic meters of natural gas per day.
According to Chinese media reports, oil and gas resources are very rich in the unusually deep level of the Tarim Basin, and the oil and gas resources in the depths of 6,000 meters to 10,000 meters, respectively, account for 83.2% and 63.9% of its total volume. In the Yujin 3-3XC well, targeting unusually deep oil and gas resources, drilling began on May 1st this year, and drilling went down to the Ordovician system of 400 million years ago.
China has been looting natural resources since its invasion of East Turkistan and has intensified its looting in recent years. However, the people of East Turkistan, who are the real owners, are living in poverty.

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