China attempts to link Uyghur cultural artifacts to China under the guise of an exhibition.

China seeks to connect Uyghur history to China through fake or distorted cultural artifacts, along with the destruction of all material objects related to Uyghur cultural heritage. On November 18, an exhibition called the 'Centennial Year of Xinjiang's Antiquities' began.
According to the news from the Chinese People's Network on November 19, this exhibition will display 180 cultural artifacts from the ancient stone age to the Chinese Han, Jin, Sui, and Tang dynasties, divided into four main parts. The exhibition will be open for free until January 18 of next year. In order to deceive the eyes with artificial and distorted cultural artifacts, the public will be given archaeological lectures, and specialized experts will talk about the processes of communication, exchange, migration, and integration. Activities such as explaining the repressive plan of the so-called 'Unification and Awareness of the Chinese Nation Commonwealth' will also be held. The exhibition is organized by the so-called 'Cultural and Tourism Administration of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region' (Cultural Relics Office) and the Museum of Cultural Relics.
It is evident that the Chinese regime has expanded the size of the so-called 'Xinjiang Museum' to nearly three times its original size to eradicate the national identity of the Uyghurs and distort their history. A newly established 'Historical and Cultural Relics Exhibition in Xinjiang' is located in the Second New Decision Palace. The exhibition contains 1570 pieces of so-called 'cultural relics' aiming to present a distorted history that East Turkistan is 'part of China.'
Since the occupation, China has suppressed the people of East Turkistan under various pretexts, and in recent years, it has openly engaged in genocide. At the same time, alongside the forced assimilation of Chinese culture, the history and culture of the Uyghurs are being distorted, changed, and destroyed."

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