China's propaganda campaign in Asian countries is expanding

Xinhua News Agency's November 16th call (reporter Zhou Siyu Lu Rui): " Xinjiang is a good place. A Cultural Tourism Week event opened in Seoul, South Korea, on the 16th.
Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Heming said in his speech that this Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Week aims to introduce Xinjiang's scenery, cultural relics, art, and food to the Korean people so that more Korean friends can learn more about Xinjiang, walk into Xinjiang, and perceive Xinjiang. Experience the rich culture and beautiful scenery of Xinjiang close to each other and promote communication between Chinese and Korean people.
Li Xiangxian, chairman of the Korean Congress Committee for Cultural and Sports Tourism and member of Congress, said that he hopes to feel the unique charm of Xinjiang music, dance, and non-lethal culture in China through this event to enhance mutual understanding and feelings. This exchange is beneficial for all sectors of South Korea to better understand cultural diversity and the importance of mutual tolerance.
Zhang Yongdong, deputy director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the so-called Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, said in his speech and publicity campaign that cities such as Xinjiang, Seoul and Busan in South Korea have maintained cultural exchange cooperation for a long time. I look forward to this event making a positive contribution to enhancing the friendship between the Chinese and Korean peoples. I hope that more Korean friends can come to Xinjiang to interview, travel and feel the magnificent scenery and simple people's style on the ground. I really feel that Xinjiang is a good place.
The opening ceremony also showed photographs that record Xinjiang natural scenery, humanistic style, interesting folklore, and cultural creation products that present Xinjiang's precious cultural The guests also watched the folk song and dance art performance brought by the Mukam Art Group of Xinjiang Art Theatre.
The aim here is to hide the genocide and manipulate the international community to silence the rising voices of criticism and to deceive humanity by creating the perception that everything is rosy in the region with unrealistic fictions.
















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