China's dress-code draws attention

The Chinese regime released a new law change last week under the Judicial Reform called the "Security Law." According to the first law change related to this law in 17 years, any behavior and attire in public spaces that goes against the so-called "Chinese National Common Consciousness and Spirit" will be deemed illegal, including all accessories, items, etc. Those who do not comply with the law will face criminal penalties.
34th amendment to the said law issued by the Standing Committee of the National Congress of China. Articles 2. and 3. According to the paragraph, it includes provisions on the suppression of ideological ideas, contrary to the common Chinese national consciousness, camouflage and dress, appearance, style of speech and expression.
Detention or fine
According to the amendment to the law, using symbols that harm the "spirit of the Chinese nation and the feelings of the Chinese nation" in public, wearing or pretending to wear accessories, forcing others to do so, spreading or promoting any kind of opposing ideas, insulting and rejecting the actions of the so-called "(Chinese) heroes" and the spirit of your community, inciting aggression and glorifying such acts is severely punished.
Accordingly, in case of violation of the law, he will be sentenced to the so-called "five to ten days of detention or a fine of 1,000 to 3,000 yuan.
In severe cases, the penalty is ten to fifteen days of detention or a fine of five thousand yuan or more.
The laws in question have been applied to the Uyghurs for many years
However, the occupying Chinese regime has been carrying out systematic genocide against the people of East Turkistan for many years. Under the so-called "converting Xinjiang to Chinese culture", everything related to Islam, including clothing and clothing, is illegal and is considered a sign of "extremism".
The people of East Turkistan, mixed with Turkish and Islamic civilization, forcibly detach from their national and spiritual values by defining "culture from outside" and face the imposition of Chinese cultural civilization. On the other hand, those who resist persecution are locked up in a concentration camp and severely tortured in a long-term prison.
"Finding a cover for this obvious genocide"
While observers consider the change of the new law in China a clear indicator of the repression against freedom of expression, the so-called "spirit of the Chinese nation and feelings of the Chinese nation" are vague concepts, and these laws basically give the Chinese system the opportunity to arrest a man on arbitrary charges. In fact, without these and similar laws, the persecuted people of East Turkistan have been imprisoned and lost for years without understanding the reason, just because they grow beards and wear long skirts, wear Hijab, give Islamic names to their children, and are thrown in and out of the world without crime, without understanding why? He pointed out that the so-called law change is nothing more than creating a cover for the regime crimes.

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