China's desire to build a military base in Oman has been revealed

The Chinese government is planning to build a military base in Oman, a move that could impact the global deployment of the U.S. military. According to Voice of America radio on November 20, as competition between the United States and China intensifies, China is seeking to catch up with the United States by developing its naval strength. Currently, there are reports indicating that China wants to build a military base in Oman, located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, to expand its influence in the Middle East.
According to experts, this could force the United States to reassess its military strategy and allocate resources in the Middle East and even globally. If a conflict were to arise, it would mean the United States would be compelled to deploy more forces. This could further complicate dealing with the Taiwan Strait issue.
According to Bloomberg, President Joe Biden recently listened to a report from his advisors. According to the report, China is preparing to build a military facility in Oman, and defense officials from both sides discussed relevant issues last month. Oman is reportedly ready to accept the agreement with China, and the two countries agreed to conduct further discussions in the coming weeks.
After the news spread, Biden contacted Omani officials. A statement from the White House on November 10 revealed that the two leaders discussed the latest developments in the Middle East and pledged to enhance the long-term bilateral relationship between the two countries. However, the statement did not mention whether China discussed plans to build a military base in Oman during the talks."

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