Australia has increased military spending to counter China's threat

Australia has released a new defense strategy report, increasing military spending against China's threat.
According to Voice of America, Australia released its defense strategy report on April 17. The report shows that Australia will pay more attention to the Asia-Pacific region against China's coercive tactics and the growing risk of conflict in the Pacific.
Australia believes it is facing the most challenging strategic environment since World War II, and the uncertainty of the deepening strategic rivalry between the United States and China has caused tensions in the region. Because of this, it became necessary for Australia to take a new approach to defense.
In his defense strategy speech at the National Press Club, Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles warned that "after the Cold War, optimistic designs based on defense plans have already ceased to exist," and emphasized that China is achieving its strategic goals through coercive tactics.
Marlers also said that Australia is a commercial island country, and enemies must be prevented from suffocating trade or blocking important sea routes. The probability of invading Australia is low in any case, but if the enemy does not step on Australian soil, it may cause a lot of damage to Australia.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian responded to the question on April 17, saying that Australia will protest against this decision, and that China is committed to peace in the Asia-Pacific region and the world.
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