Air defense Alarm will be tested in East Turkistan

The Chinese regime in East Turkistan (Xinjiang) has announced that this month it will conduct alarm tests for integrated air defense systems in the pilot air defense zones.
According to a report from China People's Network yesterday, the occupying Chinese regime, under the guise of "individual defense training," has announced that it will conduct air defense warning signal tests, trial runs, and control operations on September 16, starting at 12:00 local time. They justify these actions with various excuses such as "improving the people's national defense perspective," "strengthening public awareness of air defense," and "performance testing of air defense signaling equipment" with the aim of instilling fear in the population.
The announcement states that the air defense alarm will be continuously sounded for approximately 3–4 days throughout East Turkistan (Xinjiang). Starting on September 18 at 10:19 local time, a preparation signal will be given, followed by a cycle where the alarm will sound continuously for 36 seconds during each patrol and then pause for 24 seconds before repeating the same cycle for three minutes each time.
Additionally, it is mentioned that the real-time air defense alarm will be given for six seconds, followed by a six-second pause, and this sequence will be repeated 15 times.
According to the information provided, the Chinese regime has made this air defense alarm announcement with the aim of allowing all citizens to distinguish and identify different air defense signal types, familiarizing them with these signals. It emphasizes that the public should continue their normal daily life, production, and work routines.
Cities including Urumqi, Sanqi, Kuitun, Karamay, Gulja, Korla, Chochek, Kumul, Turpan, Aksu, Kashgar, Bortala, Hotan, Atushi, Altay, Shihu, and others have been designated as "Pilot Zones," where the air defense warning signal will be simultaneously issued.
Observers note that the Chinese regime has been attempting to portray East Turkistan (Xinjiang) as a paradise, a tourism haven, to the global community in recent times. However, at the same time, they continue their strict control and repression policies in East Turkistan, trying to conceal their inhumane crimes under the pretext of tourism. In reality, they seem to be preparing for a constant state of war, living in fear and anxiety, and in the face of international pressure and anti-China moves by countries worldwide, China is becoming increasingly aggressive and belligerent.

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