A protest was held in Istanbul to commemorate the 34th anniversary of the Barin massacre

In order to commemorate the 34th anniversary of the Barin massacre that happened on April 5, 1990, to commemorate the martyrs and to put on the agenda the ongoing genocide crime in East Turkistan, China, and the crime of banning the fasting of East Turkistan people in the holy month of Ramadan, in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul, "We will not forget Barin, from fasting A protest and a press conference were held under the theme "We will not give up".
At the protest and press conference organized by the International Union of East Turkistan Organizations, the President of the Union, Hidayetullah Oguzkhan, read a statement. The statement gave a brief explanation of the Barin massacre, which is being recorded today, on April 5, 1990, in the month of Ramadan, in the village of Barin, Aktu County, East Turkistan. The Barin Massacre was a people's uprising against China's acts of forced birth control in the region, and the Chinese invaders, who were nervous about it severely repressed the people. It was reported that thousands had been kidnapped and executed.
In the statement, the Yining Massacre in 1997, the Urumqi Massacre in 2009, and the 74 years since China invaded East Turkistan, China has imprisoned millions of East Turkistan people in prison camps, forced labor, and carried out open genocide, as is currently happening in Palestine. It was argued that the crime of attempt should be tried in an international court.
At the end of the statement, on behalf of the 35 million people who are forbidden to fast, pray, or simply be Muslims in East Turkistan, he called on the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and international intelligence agencies to voice their opposition to the crimes of genocide and oppression of Islam and Muslims in East Turkistan.
Then, the president of the East Turkistan Scholars Union, Associate Professor, Dr. Ulimajan Bugda, spoke. He said that 34 years ago, the martyrs of Barin sacrificed their lives against the Chinese aggressors in order to protect their beliefs and culture. It is necessary to make sacrifices, time and effort to take the country back from the hands of the aggressor. For this reason, the East Turkistan people in the foreign countries should be firm in their lawsuits.
After the press release, the participants broke the fast together. The gathering ended with prayers for the souls of the martyrs.
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