A message from the Uyghurs to European countries

The International Union of East Turkistan Organizations sent a letter to the foreign ministries of EU countries regarding the "Conference on Strategic Discussion on China-EU Relations and Current Foreign Security Policy Issues" on May 10.
The letter said that in order to achieve its global expansionist goals, China continues to pressure occupied regions, especially East Turkistan, including Tibet and Mongolia, and takes so-called inhumane "measures" in order to promote its expansion in the region.
The international community also criticized the detention by the Chinese authorities of people belonging to the Islamic nation such as the Turkic Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Tatars, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks under the pretext of "fighting extremism" in Chinese detention camps in East Turkistan, which they called "vocational training centers". It was also recalled that the United States of America and some European countries stated that China committed systematic genocide and crimes against humanity, and even imposed sanctions on many of those responsible for genocide crimes and even the Olympic Games, which is one of the most important events in 2022.
8 million people in concentration camps
According to UN data, at least 2 million Camp Witnesses have been detained (not modified over the past four years). According to camp witnesses and leaked Chinese data, nearly 8 million Uighurs have been forcibly detained in these camps since 2016. However, it is said that the Chinese Communist authorities are still hiding information about the number of camps there are in the area and trying to cover it up with disinformation.
The letter also indicated that despite the seriousness of the situation, China still continues to commit genocide and continues to destabilize international peace, and that despite all the attempts, criticisms and condemnations of the international community to resolve human rights violations in East Turkistan, China rejects all accusations, and claims that it Domestic affairs and sensitive issues.
It is reported that the 35 million people in East Turkistan are part of the international community, and that EU member states should create a new strategic perspective between the EU and China by taking into account the essence of China's genocidal policy in East Turkistan.
At the end of the letter, some suggestions were inserted in it and it states: “We demand that the people of East Turkestan who have been oppressed by the Chinese Communist regime be taken under the protection of the member states of the European Union, the establishment of an international monitoring and control system to end the genocide in East Turkistan, and that China be forced to bear responsible for all its crimes against the people of East Turkistan and violations of international law."
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