A direct flight from Juzhong to China has been started

The Chinese authorities, who have accelerated their plans to Sinicize East Turkistan, are planning to open a direct flight from the Juzhong District in East Turkistan to the city of Xi'an in Chengdu Province in China.
According to the news of May 11 on the Chinese propaganda network website Tanridag, it is reported that the basic infrastructure of Juzhong Gamblak Airport, such as parking lot, waiting room, fire department, etc., which began to be built in recent years, is almost complete.
In the news, "Juzhong Jinhua Civil Air China Company", which won the bid, said that 70% of the total investment has been completed according to the construction speed of the Juzhong Gamble Airport.
Investments in transportation have increased
The Chinese authorities are increasing their investments in transportation projects in various ways to accelerate the process of the Sinicization of East Turkistan. In this regard, Juzhong Gamblak Airport, where direct flights to China will be made, is located in Juzhong District. The airport project, which is 15.7 kilometers away from Juzhong City with a total investment of 714 million yuan, will be the first civilian transportation airport in Sanji County.
According to the claims of the Chinese authorities,
The main runway is 2,800 meters long and 45 meters wide, and a terminal building with an area of 5,000 square meters and seven C-class aircraft parking platforms and related facilities will be built at Juzhong Gamblak Airport, with an annual passenger volume of 470,000 people. The annual carrying capacity of cargo and mail is 1,000 tons, and the annual number of flights and landings is expected to reach 5,200 times.
Everything for the Chinese settlers
Observers say that Chinese authorities have recently expanded air, rail and road transportation in East Turkistan to encourage Chinese settlers to move to East Turkistan, as well as making efforts to facilitate the transfer of East Turkistan resources to China. All these investments have been implemented by the Chinese occupation regime in order to achieve the ultimate goal which lies in the Chineseization of East Turkestan, the arrest of the people of East Turkistan in camps and prisons, and it is trying to reduce the number of Uyghurs by deporting young people to Chinese provinces and other regions for forced labor as slaves. On the other hand, they pointed out, it also aims to ensure that the Chinese settlers in East Turkistan stay permanently.
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