British Parliament approves Uyghur Resolution

The House of Commons of the United Kingdom Parliament has approved a new bill that will ban the use of surveillance camera equipment from Chinese technology companies involved in the Uyghur genocide in government buildings and military bases.
According to a report on Voice of America (VOA) dated September 15th, in recent times, the security concerns related to China have become more apparent in the United Kingdom. In response to these concerns, the House of Commons has passed a resolution prohibiting the use of audio and visual equipment produced by Chinese technology companies in government-owned buildings.
The bill, which was approved by the House of Commons on Wednesday, identifies these Chinese companies as guilty due to their support for the systematic genocide of innocent Uyghur Turks by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.
Before the "Lease and Purchase" bill officially goes into effect, it is expected to be approved by the Senate. Additionally, the United Kingdom government requires regular reports to Parliament on the number of Chinese-manufactured surveillance cameras removed each year.
According to information, surveillance camera systems produced by two Chinese companies, "Hai Kang (Hikvision)" and "Zhejiang Dahua Technology," are widely used in public buildings in central London and surrounding areas. In June of this year, British authorities called for the removal of all cameras produced by Hikvision and Dahua, that had been installed in sensitive locations within government departments.
A research report published by Fraser Sampson, an independent expert on security cameras for the British government, in February, revealed that at least one-third of police stations in the United Kingdom were using surveillance cameras produced by Chinese company Hikvision.
Previously, in April 2021, the House of Commons of the United Kingdom had called for an immediate halt to China's egregious human rights violations and systematic assimilation practices in East Turkistan, categorizing them as "genocide." The parliamentary resolution was introduced by Member of Parliament Nusrat Ghani, who stated, "My proposal on the Uyghur Genocide by the CCP has been supported unanimously by the UK House of Commons."
Furthermore, Chinese companies accused of complicity in the genocide were included in the United States' sanctions list in 2019, in accordance with the "Export and Control" law.

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